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Real Scenes – Detroit

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Art, dj, music
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If you are a music lover I think you’ll enjoy this look at one aspect of the Detroit music scene.

Munchi describes himself as a kid with big hair that loves to make all kinds of music and share his love for music in the clubs. One example of this is the remix featured below. With the Latin, Rock, Pop elements all mixed up it’s unique and worth a listen.

Never let it be said cats from the Netherlands don’t go hard on the boards

Click here for more info and downloads – Jamil Buie

DJ J Rocc of the Beat Junkies

Posted: May 26, 2011 in dj, heroes, music
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To the initiated, just click play. For the un-informed here is a quick indoctrination. – Jamil Buie

Hailed as the world’s best club DJ, J.ROCC continues to capture music enthusiasts around the globe in 1992, Jason Jackson, internationally known as J.Rocc, launched his vision of forming a DJ crew comprised of talented musicians, by introducing to the world Southern California’s first turntable band – the Beat Junkies. A prized accomplishment enthusiastically received by worldwide audiences, J.Rocc continues to invent musical styles that display his creative expertise. Highly recognized for his funky showcases and original arrangements, J.Rocc has clearly distinguished his place in music history. J.Rocc began his DJ career in 1985 with PSK, a DJ group based out of Huntington Beach, CA. Possessing the imagination and skills to alter the traditional purpose of the turntable, J.Rocc applied his artistic talent by using the turntable as his musical instrument. His individual approach towards developing his ingenious collections consists of focusing on smooth, rhythmic transitions and building an energetic vibe. Maintaining the entertainment level plays a major role in producing explosive performances, and J.Rocc achieves this excitement and dynamics without “killing” the original recordings. Heavily influenced by jazz legend John Coltrane, world-renowned Hip-Hop producers Dr. Dre and DJ Aladdin, and the departed Hip-Hop radio show on KDAY (1580 AM) featuring the comedic personality of Russ Parr, J.Rocc absorbed their influential contributions to help drive his musical genius. His striking list of awards and accomplishments demonstrates his excellent ability to apply his creative gift. Collectively, the Beat Junkie band comprised of J.Rocc, Babu, Melo-D, and Rhettmatic, claimed the title of International Turntablist Federation (ITF) World Champions two years in a row (1997 and 1998). In 1999, Rawkus Records sought out J.Rocc and Babu to join their talented cast of musicians on “Sound Bombing 2”, a classic Hip-Hop compilation featuring internationally acclaimed artists including Pharaoh Monche, Mos Def and Common.

So there’s a little history. And here is the product proof.

Groove Deluxe pulled this mix together and did a pretty decent job at that. While it may not be ‘top down wind in your hair” up tempo remix most folks are looking for  it does provide a much needed break from tracks like “Novocaine” and Kesha-esque electro-pop.

Tracks include

Keep hangin on live
Hang on to your love
Smooth operator – Mongo Santamaria mix
Smooth operator – Laurent Voulzy mix
Smooth operator – Sade mix
Your love is king
Is it a crime ?
Still in love with you
The moon and the sky
Cherish the day
No ordinary love
Taboo – les nubians mix
Sweetes taboo
Soldier of love
Soldier of love – taurus riley mix
I would never guessed
Paradise instrumental
Nothing can come between us
Ayin…non joelle ursull mix
Why can’t we live together

My fellow DJ’s and music heads are familiar with this crew For the uninitiated, these guys engineered what is arguably one of the biggest club/stadium records of the last 10 years (do your homework on this one).
Back to the reason why you’re here. They just dropped their monthly mix and if you click on the Zombie nation logo you can download a free copy. Let me know what you think in the comment section.