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Glove and boots breakdown the evolution of the Hipster. Enjoy.

If you are looking for an equally silly hobby that involves human interaction, a fast food chain and a clown (either in the car or in the restaurant) peep the video below. – Jamil Buie

I freely admit to having entirely too many Facebook “Friends” that I don’t associate with in real life. I have been a bit more selective with Twitter and I am currently protecting Google + Circles with my life.

This promo for an opera entitled Two Boys gives an interesting perspective on how social media might play out in real life.

For more info on the opera or, if you are in London, cop tickets check out

I ran across this dub and had to add it to the roster. Hopefully this will take the edge off your Monday.

While not the definitive guide to base your next computer purchase off of, this lengthy infographic used a survey fielded by to provide insight into who uses what and possibly why.