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In the grand scheme of simple ideas that work (The rock, the wheel, Wonder Bra, Saturdays) it may not make the cut but for you sneaky picture takers out there I am sure it will make the “Dishonorable mention” list. The water resistant cover accommodates up to 6″ lenses and makes getting a quick, low key shot super easy. Hit the link after the image and head over to to get more info or pick one up @buie

Buy the Cloak Camera Bag at the Photojojo Store!

I am at peace with the fact that I will never realize my dream of being a shut down Corner back like Deion Sanders  but in the everlasting pursuit of being a rec league legend I wouldn’t mind training like one. The most important part of training is learning what works and what doesn’t and that’s rooted in data. The E39 is a data monster and I want one. Take a look at the videos below and keep an eye out for NFL combine videos and you’ll see what I mean.

To the guys at UA, brilliant.

P.S. send me one to test.


For  some of you out there, this may be the best news you have seen all month. The original carpel tunnel inducing teen text terror is back for one last dance.

This Sidekick may look similar to models from the past, but on the inside, it’s brand new. Running on the 4G T-mobile network and rockin’ android 2.2 this may be the new teen go to and the next hipster toy.  Stay tuned.

You’ll kick yourself when you watch this video. Here is a super simple idea brought to life in 24hrs at a hack-a-thon and now poised to make an impact in 2011. The GroupMe App is currently available for iPhone and Android devices. For more info head to and sign up.

The Citrus Clock by Anna Gram

Posted: November 30, 2008 in Gadgets, Technology

So say you are obsessed with punctuality and citrus fruit, what better combination that the Anna Gram Citrus Clock? Okay this is really no more than private school kids last minute show and tell but it could make for a great last second gift to that D&D fan in your circle this holiday season.