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I haven’t made it to Dubai yet but I’ve got my eye on it. Take a look at the footage offered up Aaron Mendez. It’s great work and for my music heads the track backing the footage call “Midnight City” off the album Hurry up. We’re dreaming by M83. Enjoy. @buie

Guard your grill and knuckle up. Peep this grown up version of a game I used to play as a kid. I’ll hold off on the derogatory title. Here is a little taste to give you an idea of what the film is about. – Jamil Buie

Complete lo-res film.

I freely admit to having entirely too many Facebook “Friends” that I don’t associate with in real life. I have been a bit more selective with Twitter and I am currently protecting Google + Circles with my life.

This promo for an opera entitled Two Boys gives an interesting perspective on how social media might play out in real life.

For more info on the opera or, if you are in London, cop tickets check out

The fact that there is a need for this organization to exist is far from cool. The fact that they’ve worked tirelessly for 50 years speaking on behalf of individuals and groups who’s rights have been violated, is very cool and very necessary.

Carlos Lascano does a great job weaving visuals and color to depict battles fought over a half century.

After watching the video you are compelled to learn more visit – Buie


For all my 14kt gold slum computer wizards (Ghostface, natch). Check out this visual breakdown of the Stuxnet virus.

Background. In 2010 the Stuxnet virus crippled the Iranian nuclear power grid by producing false result associated with key pieces of machinery. Based on it’s complexity the virus is thought to have been developed with a governments support. Add this to the target in question and most analyst agree that this was an instance where code was used as a weapon.