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Jay-Z: Maximum Distance. Minimum Displacement. from Staple Crops on Vimeo.

While catching up on my Google reader posts I ran across this trailer for the “The Great Gatsby”. I have to say the film looks dope! Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobay Maguire pulled me in to the trailer and I can’t wait to see the full film. Can I get a little advanced screening love guys?

Another interesting item of note is the partnership between Jay-Z, Jeymes Samuel and his band, The Bullitts to score The Great Gatsby. With Pharrell scoring Descpicable Me, Rick Ross and other’s on Django Unchained’s soundtrack, and David Banner, who very randomly scored a couple tracks on the Footloose remake in 2011. Hip Hop is becoming more than oscar syrup for pimp pancakes (read 3 Six Mafia & Hustle and Flow). @jamilbuie

I have been a vocal fan of Ryan Leslie for some years now. I joined his movement when I hosted a listening session at an agency I was working at. Ryan along with another rising star named Suai came by and tore it down. For a conference room performance Ryan played it like he was the Sydney opera house.

His work ethic is honest and it can be seen and heard.

Take a break in your day and check out this fan edited video outlining the creation of Ryan’s latest album “Les is More”. From the Studio session to European tour dates you’ll see the album develop.

For more info visit

New joint from Rick Ross feat. Dr. Dre and Jay-Z  “3 Kings” @buie

It’s been a long time, sorry I left you….you know the rest. If you don’t, Look it up. Alright lets get back in the groove with a music video clip I ran across. Moment of reflection remember when there used to be video shows? MTV. VH1. The Box. THE BOX!!! Any way peep “It’s On” and let me know what you think. – @buie