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We all love a good heist movie. More often than not the reality of the story is just as, if not more interesting that its cinematic counterpart (just with far less attractive people).

In an effort to prop up some of the worlds biggest takedowns the folks at Home Security Systems commissioned the piece below teasing out some of the details associated with some huge heists. It’s not too fancy but you should definitely look into the stories behind each crime. @buie


The folks at Home Security Systems have asked me to remove the links….sorry guys.

I ran across this art wall the last time I was in the D. While it isn’t hyper saturated with color like a lot of the work I’ve posted before it is a lot like the D visually simple but powerful in the story told. Take time to soak up the nuance of the visuals and tell me what you think in the comments below.


Theodor Seuss Geisel  who was better known as Dr. Seuss  wrote the children’s book  “Oh the places you’ll go”.  Oddly enough the book’s been given to more high school graduates than children.  Hey,  I’m one of them.  so When I saw the  recounted by Burning Man attendees  yesterday and after having the day I had today I thought I’d share.  and while it’s not a foolproof cure for the case of the Mondays it made you smile and I’m pretty sure will make someone else loves so if you’re having a good day enjoy it,  but if you know someone who’s not, send them a link I think they’ll feel a little bit better.


The team at The Art of Shaving enlisted advertising agency BBDO to produce a slick “The morning after” piece in support of the companies shaving tools. The lead kicks off his reflection while giving himself a proper shave. I’d rather not spoil it by saying too much more so take a look for yourself.

You’ll probably see a loose association to some recent buddy comedies but the pay off is a bit more thoughtful. @buie

Follow the story of how one persons flickr image got “stolen” and taken around the globe.